Our company uses the own uniqe methodology to solve particular assignment which comes out from the wide scale of tools aplicated on base of long-time practical experiences.



The main pillars of our work are:

  • Common sense.
  • Ability to quickly understand the solved problems.
  • Logistic audit.
  • Dynamic simulation.
  • Datamining.

For the duration of our existence we try to bring our customers fresh ideas to materialize their visions and strategies in the form of numbers, visualization and opposition. In the framework the joint activities we combine your experience with ours. Thanks to our activities, whether it’s active work for the Chamber of Logistics Auditors or cooperation on SW Witness development with Lanner Group Ltd. we have access to an unlimited database solutions and experiences from around the world.

We don´t limit ourselves to a particular segment, the beginnings of our activities are associated with the idea of “Smart ideas are applicable everywhere, it just takes the right application.”