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Since our foundation in 2001, we have implemented more than 470 projects in various fields…

Logistics, marketing management and business logistics optimization.

As the first organization in the Czech Republic, we started to apply project solution approach with the help of dynamic simulation of WITNESS.

Consulting company DYNAMIC FUTURE, inc. was founded in 2000 by the team of workers with experiences from applied logistics in a large industrial company, where we worked in the fields of logistics, marketing, management and optimization of company processes. Using delimitation and effort to allocate some activities were created conditions for start-up offering logistic consultancy to our clients.


2024 Logistics, according to DHL

2024 Logistics, according to DHL

The new era is transforming logistics into the driving force of businesses and companies, DHL writes on its website. As Katja Busch, Head of Customer Solutions and Innovation says, “We’re witnessing how businesses are transforming logistics from a quiet back-end...