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Consulting in logistics

— Logistics audit

Bet on logistics audit as one of the key elements of supply chain management. We have our own methodology, which is based on a wide range of tools and many years of experience.

Consulting in logistics includes professional services aimed at optimizing logistics processes, increasing efficiency and reducing costs within the supply chain. Provides analysis, suggestions for improvement and implementation of innovative solutions.

We provide consulting services:

  1. For companies: We help improve logistics operations and competitiveness.
  2. For logistics managers: We offer professional guidance and strategies for optimizing processes.
  3. To manufacturing and distribution companies: We propose steps for the smooth and efficient functioning of the supply chain.

Logistics audit

Thanks to a logistics audit, we will reveal bottlenecks, optimize processes and capacity, increase logistics performance and your competitiveness. The audit provides an overview of the current state of logistics operations and offers suggestions for improvement. It is useful for businesses looking to increase efficiency and reduce costs, and for logistics managers looking for ways to improve their processes.

We usually carry out a logistics audit in the following steps:

  1. Introductory meeting: Together we will set the objectives of the audit and familiarize ourselves with the logistics processes.
  2. Data collection: Collection of data on current processes, performance and costs.
  3. Data analysis: We evaluate the effectiveness of processes and identify problem areas.
  4. Suggested measures: We will recommend optimization and improvement of processes.
  5. Implementation: We will help in implementing the suggested changes.
  6. Monitoring and evaluation: We continuously monitor the effectiveness of the implemented measures and adjust them as necessary.

Logistics consulting may include the implementation of demand forecasting and supply planning tools. This allows companies to better adapt their inventory and distribution channels to current ones

What will a logistics audit bring you?

A detailed view of processes and their connections: We will reveal weaknesses and inefficiencies in your logistics chain, together with you and your team, we will identify areas for improvement and provide specific recommendations to increase performance.

More efficient processes: We will help identify and eliminate unnecessary steps and delays in the supply chain, which will contribute to securing goods faster and cheaper.

Cost reduction: Thanks to simulation and analysis, we find opportunities for savings and optimization in logistics processes, thus you can reduce the costs of storage, transportation and handling of goods.

Increased flexibility: Thanks to a logistics audit, you can better respond to changes in the market and change your strategies and plans according to current conditions, thereby increasing your competitiveness and resilience.