About us

Consulting company DYNAMIC FUTURE, inc. was founded in year 2000 by team of workers with experiences from applied logistics in a large industrial company, where we worked in the fields of logistics, marketing, management and industrial engineering. Conditions for start-up offering logistic consultancy to our clients were settled by delimitation and effort to allocate some activities. We try to apply our experiences and applied knowledge cooperating with our clients, to whom we offer these services:

  • stock analysis,
  • logistic projects,
  • dynamic simulation,
  • logistic audit and analysis,
  • logistic conference,
  • spatial design solution,
  • audit of processes,
  • increase capacity utilization and productivity,
  • process operative management support and optimization,
  • PREWIT – software for demand forecasting,
  • OEE INDICATOR – software for device utilizationmonitoring.

We realize, that each organization has to deal with many changes resulting from not only continously changing conditions in market, but also from necessity to adapt management to these changes and improve process organization in enterprise system, inovate technologies, increase productivity, creatively adapt to customers’ demand not only by quality of products, but also incidental services. Logistic consultancy aims to support this effort and help you to achieve these ambitious goals.

As a first organization in Czech Republic we started to apply dynamic simulation (software WITNESS, Lanner Group Ltd.) in solving our projects. This software carries out enterprise processes simulation. This aproach supported by many experiences from abroad allows for reasonably low cost to develop and test a large number of variants of the projects and also based on monitored parameters choose the best one, bringing the expected effects, such as increasing productivity, process improvement and optimization. Visualization of the solution also creates conditions for proper understanding, enabling us visual spatial solution and thus has great influence for earlier and successful changes.

We are a consulting organization for logistics consulting, optimization and  improving business processes. We also use some methods of industrial engineering, such as already mentioned dynamic simulation. Industrial engineerins is a discipline combining methods into a single system that leads  to productivity improvements and business process optimization. It focuses on the efficient use of resources.

Achieving success also requires active participation, cooperation, regular communication and quality information flows between the two partners. All information used to identify given problem has to reflect the actual operating condition and monitoring process in a way which allows individual solutions steps to lead to an achievement of proposed goal in real conditions. We are not trying to create a simulation of processes in ideal state, together with you we create the conditions to achive rapid noticeable effects on process performance scales considering the actual situation with all its negative effects, random phenomena and risks.