Interconnection of individual information systems ranks among the main priorities of the business world and beyond. Digital twin plays a role of an interconnection intermediary between the physical and digital world. It provides access to the structure, context and behavior of individual assets. Among the essential benefits, there is also the ability to observe the operations in time, compare the past and present and give quality predictions regarding the future development. And the whole context and data complexity are two of the most significant values we should strive for.

It’s Necessary to Plan Everything Perfectly

It’s not necessary for digital twins to work individually and independently. At certain times, it’s even beneficial to aggregate individual models into a complex one and work with them coordinately. If the company monitors multiple systems of similar assets, which had their own individual twins (for example a group of production facilities), it can and should view them as a jointly-working unit. Thanks to that, it’s possible to trace similar patterns of behavior and trends. It’s always important to view the business and its links to the external environment as a whole and for that, create a corresponding digital model.

Data Has Meaning, When in Context

It’s a common practice that data is produced by disparate systems, stored in various locations and due to a different structure, it’s not possible to process it as a whole. This way, the most important value is out of the whole situation context. How is the activity of individual devices related to the course of processes and the final performance of the whole system? We can find this out by studying data which are connected to a functional unit.

By migrating all data to one common platform, you can effectively create a monitoring environment for observation of the physical world. Thanks to this simple concept, the resulting picture of reality is much more complex and provides incomparably better basis for making decisions on system optimization, maintenance planning or reconstruction or production expansion.

If the data is not connected and organized in a “digestible” form, it is absolutely useless for all other decisions.