By 2025, a total of 152,200 IoT devices could connect to the Internet every minute. This is according to the text published on the website. But according to them, spending on IoT security is growing rapidly, and cyber-attacks on these devices increased by 300 percent in 2019, compared to 2018. The author of the article estimates that over 25 billion IoT devices may be deployed within 7 years. The approaching technological revolution will probably surpass all of our expectations.

Key trends in this area include:

  •  Blockchain integration, which promises to increase security and transparency in IoT applications. 
  • The evolution of smart cities, where IoT technology optimizes resource management, security, and services.  
  • 5G support, which revolutionizes traffic management, and creates smarter traffic networks.
  • IoT-driven artificial intelligence applications that automate processes, enable predictive maintenance, and reduce costs.
  • IoT security, with the security market expected to grow to $38.7 billion, highlighting the importance of protecting against cyber threats.
  • Edge Computing, which revolutionizes data processing and analysis by enabling faster decisions and real-time responses.
  •  Metaverse integration, opening up new possibilities for growth and innovation.

IoT also promises to revolutionize healthcare, with advanced monitoring and personalized treatment, as well as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), which is improving manufacturing processes.

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