In short, we need a recap for December, and not just a business one. “Everything is a bit upside-down now. The fading covid, the start of the war in the Ukraine, and rising energy prices waved away the certainties we had until now. Despite this, or precisely because of this, the year 2022 will remain full of interesting orders for DYNAMIC FUTURE. And the plans we want to implement in 2023,” says Petr Jalůvka, Managing Director.


Interest in logistics audits is growing


The management are pleased with the growing demand for logistics audits.

“Before, it was a service that we thought was great, but we had to explain the benefits to customers, and we didn’t get a lot of response. Logistics audits have a huge potential, which companies themselves have started to understand,” explains Jan Šlajer, second Company Representative of DYNAMIC FUTURE.

These are often small companies. They come with the assignment that they want “someone to look at the processes and tell them where to start and what to do to optimize them”. The portfolio of DYNAMIC FUTURE clients therefore is expanding – industrial enterprises and food companies are joined, for example, by trading companies.

“The long-term trend has been that manufacturing companies have not heard much about logistics. They put production on a pedestal, like a golden egg that feeds them. They rarely realized that almost anyone with capital could set up a similar factory on a green field, equip it with technologies and fantastic logistics, by almost anyone can with capital. And these traditional companies with a 150-year history are overpowered by far higher productivity and efficiency,’ says Petr Jalůvka.

According to him, previously, most companies considered logistics to be slightly annoying. They didn’t need to think about how important it is to finish the production “behind the factory gates”. However, these are processes that should be subject to standardization in exactly the same way as production, which tends to be perfectly prepared.

 “Now they realize that their biggest weakness is precisely in that ending. This is amazing because it turns out that logistics is the only area where you can get an edge. Where the extraordinary possibilities for improvement are hidden,” says Jan Šlajer

New trend: Connecting technology and information support


As far as new technologies are concerned, Petr Jalůvka considers the way customers fight them to be much more interesting than the technologies themselves. How they were able to get the most out of them, or combine them in such a way as to bring new added value.

“We have customers who have bought super technologies, but couldn’t handle them in terms of information, so they have super modern cabinets that bring them benefits only in terms of saving space. But they don’t extract the essence of the concept of Industrial Revolution 4.0. Then there are companies that don’t quite have high-tech technology. On the other hand, they connected them with good information support, used additional potential, and saved money. I can’t say I’ve seen anything this year that would really surprise me. But it is precisely the interconnectedness of technology and information support that is an obvious trend,” states P. Jalůvka.


The number of distribution centres is increasing


2022 also brought more orders for Distribution Centre designs.

’This is a relatively large investment for companies, and it is not common for us at DYNAMIC FUTURE to receive so many of these orders in a year. I think that in the last two years we have built as many distribution centres as in the entire previous twenty years,” points out Jan Šlajer.

Petr Jalůvka, on the other hand, doesn’t hide his joy about the design of the warehouse for Madeta. According to him, it was a nice project, both professionally and with a human approach.


What will 2023 bring? We believe in positive news


The year 2023 is “in a fog” for Petr Jalůvka. DYNAMIC FUTURE can’t complain about the fulfilment of orders, but they also don’t hide their concerns about turbulent changes.

“We don’t have to worry about not having anything to work on, but that can change from day to day. As members of the Czech Management Association, we perceive reports from colleagues who manage production factories with high energy demands. Their predictions are not entirely positive. Therefore, I wouldn’t even dare to predict what will happen in 2023, after everything we have completed in the last three years,” states P. Jalůvka.

He adds that the behaviour of the market doesn’t bring clarity to the situation either. For example, the food industry reports record sales, but on the other hand, demands for higher wages and social security are growing, and the number of people falling into poverty is constantly increasing. Everything is fighting against each other. According to him, it is impossible to determine whether Czechs are stocking up at the last minute for the next ten years, or whether it is just a super peak, typical for Christmas time.

“In any case, we believe that DYNAMIC FUTURE will bring a lot of positive news next year as well. One piece of news may be to start developing new planning and forecasting software. We gave it a completely unique and memorable name. DE-MNT will therefore be added to the PREWIT application. We familiarly call it dement, and it will be the first genius tool in the world with such a name. On the development, we are co-operating with the University of Mining and Technology – Technical University of Ostrava, and the Škoda Auto University,” reveals Jan Šlajer.