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Predictive technologies and simulation methods are attracting more and more attention from experts in many fields. Maintaining competitiveness and raising the level of service delivery requires organisations to continuously change. In an environment of strict cost control, it is necessary to verify the possibilities of planned systems and find innovative and successful solutions.

However, the requirement to change technological or organisational processes brings with it a certain risk. WITNESS helps reduce this risk by allowing you to model your work environment and simulate the consequences of various decisions. The result is a greater level of confidence that the proposed solution is the right one for the organisation – even before it is implemented. There is not a single world-class company that does not use predictive technology as a standard management tool.

WITNESS exists in two versions



for the production and logistics sector



for the service area it is the version

The core of the system

The WITNESS core system is complemented by modules for process optimization, design and evaluation of experiments, presentation of simulation results, display in virtual reality, interfacing with CAD/CAM systems, model documentation and knowledge extraction from large data sets.

WITNESS adds a new dimension to production modelling. The new 3D visualization capability in WITNESS improves on previous Quick3D capabilities.

WITNESS is built using a new 3D architecture by Virtalis – a Lanner partner.

Virtalis Visionary Render

WITNESS is powered by Virtalis Visionary Render, which supports modern gaming interfaces such as 3D displays. This architecture also takes advantage of modern multi-core computing to deliver smooth model navigation and stunning animation during simulations.



Quick3D environment is generated as in previous versions. With a single click, you can create an entire 3D model based on a 2D layout model. This means more engaging visualisation without the additional workload.

Simple direct import is now taken as standard, allowing users to customize their model using many open 3D object libraries. These will help them create cutting-edge demonstrations and video simulations that improve communication with clients.

The main advantages of WITNESS

  • Higher performance. All models run significantly faster in the new software. Tuning the features on the various graphics cards available allows for optimal image value and quality.
  • Graphics cards support features such as shadows – graphical rendering is significantly improved
  • WITNESS provides an enhanced library of shapes and objects
  • New 3D shape import options can now be used directly in WITNESS
  • Shapes can be imported using the popular COLLADA (.dae) format – providing access to libraries directly from the web and free products such as Sketchup and Blender
  • It is now possible to set the positions of machine parts in relation to the machine shapes directly in WITNESS (the same applies to the positions of vehicle parts, rolling stock, conveyor parts, etc.)
  • Lines, rectangles and ellipses can be extruded. Each layer in WITNESS can be extruded into a different material with different mouldings to create multiple 3D layers and other constructions. Each layer can be created in an imported color/image
  • Animations created in 3D geometry are controlled by WITNESS functions.