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technology.future 2016

05.04.2016 | Brevnov Monastery | Prague

15+ speakers from 4 countries | 15 lectures | 10 hours full of the newest technology | up to 5 practical workshops & demonstrations


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about technology.future

conference on how technology will change your business

Few years ago we dreamed about virtual realities which cross a common life, about cars and aeroplanes without pilot, self-driving vehicles and robots instead of rushing warehousemen, about the virtual projection of buildings or logistic tracks which could be simply sent to a printer or directly to an operation by few clicking. The automation of everything in a production process which you can remember and the maximization of a work effectiveness. But today it is not a dream but a reality. And a mission of the technology.future is to show you what the reality can. It wants to show you available technology which you can use in your factories, how to use a 3D technology and a virtual reality in a process simulation, in an automation of production and logistic processes and using this way to gain an important competitive advantage.

technology.future is just for you, if …

…you are interested in the newest trends in the area of technologies, IT, production, company strategy or logistics. It is not important if you are CEO, COO, CTO, engineer or technologist but the technology and its implementation you have like your mission, you are interested in how companies will look in 3, 5 or 10 years and you realize very well that technology decides about success or non-success of companies in the present dynamic period.


{they will show you present and the future of technology in our country and in the world}

* all the lectures in foreign languages will be translated to the Czech language

andrew-aitken oliver-bird
Andrew Aitken (COO, Lanner Group Ltd.):
New horizons for simulation
about the speaker
Oliver Bird (Business development dir., Lanner Group Ltd.):
New horizons for simulation
about the speaker
 stohr tomas-prstek
Tomáš Stohr (COO, Escare s.r.o.):
Lean for 21st century
about the speaker
Tomáš Prstek (COO, SALSO s.r.o.):
Lean and technology in healthcare
about the speaker
mirek-cerny karkovsky
Mirek Černý (CTO & cofounder, Futurelytics):
Change your data in the gold mine
about the speaker
Petr Karkovský (senior consultant, PG logistic):
Workshops and visualization?
about the speaker
jan-brezina adam-mrstik
Jan Březina (CEO Fripito Corp. & Apple trainer):
Homotechnicus – man vs. technology
about the speaker
Adam Mrštík (cofounder PRESENTIGO Inc.):
B2B presentation of 21st century
about the speaker
pavel-osicka michael-rada
Pavel Osička (Linde Material Handling):
The Automation using the Geo-navigation
about the speaker
Michael Rada (IBCSD Lab.):
Industry 5.0?
about the speaker
petr-keller josef-vecernik
Petr Keller (TUL) :
Will the new technology take root?
(3D print from the Metal Materials)
abotu the speaker
Josef Večerník (CogniVR):
Augmented and Virtual Reality for Your Business
about the speaker
martin-shrbeny peter-bilik
The View to the Future of Intralogistics
about the speaker
Peter Bilík (ANASOFT APR):
The Touchless Control in the Industry
info o přednášejícím
zdenek-pejcel milanhruska
Zdeněk Pejcel (Salesforce):
From the operative to customer
about the speaker
ERP Tuning – generating of long term benefits in area of logistics and production
info o přednášejícím

The program, which will catch you and don’t let you go

From To Name Company Presentation type Presentation name
8:30 9:00 Participants registration
9:00 9:20 Jan Šlajer, Petr Jalůvka DYNAMIC FUTURE Introductory word of technology.future
9:20 9:40 Pavel Osička Linde MH Technology The Automation using the Geo-navigation
9:40 10:00 Adam Mrštík PRESENTIGO SW B2B presentation of 21st century
10:00 10:45 Andrew Aitken, Oliver Bird Lanner Group Simulation, VR New horizons for simulation
10:45 11:00 coffee break
11:05 11:20 Michael  Rada IBSCD Lab Technology Industry 5.0
11:25 11:40 Zdeněk Pejcel Salesforce SW From the operative to customer
11:45 12:00 Tomáš Stöhr ESCARE Education Lean for 21st century
12:05 12:20 Jan Březina Fripito SW Homotechnicus – Man vs. Technology
12:25 14:00 oběd a prohlídka krypty
14:00 14:20 Petr Keller Technická univerzita Liberec Technology Will the new technology take root?
(3D print from the Metal Materials)
14:20 14:40 Miroslav Černý Futurelytics SW, big data Change your data in the gold mine
14:40 15:00 Peter Bilík Anasoft SW/Technology The Touchless Control in the Industry
15:00 15:20 Josef Večerník CogniVR Technology/Education Augmented and Virtual Reality for Your Business
15:20 15:40 coffee break
15:40 16:00 Martin Shrbený EFACEC Technology The View to the Future of Intralogistics
16:00 16:20 Tomáš Prstek SALSO Technology Lean and technology in healthcare
16:20 16:40 Petr Karkovský PG logistic Education Workshops and visualization
16:40 17:00 Milan Hruška Berghof Systems SW  ERP Tuning – generating of long term benefits in area of logistics and production
17:00 17:20 Jan Šlajer, Petr Jalůvka DYNAMIC FUTURE  End of conference
18:00 22:00 we invite you to rout

The place where the future of technology will be held

Břevnov Monastery | Markétská 28/1 | Prague 6 05.04.2016


Tickets for the future

The tickets are possible to buy online by Early booking for the price 3.500 CZK without VAT only till 16.3.2016.  From 17.03.2016 wiĺl the price of the ticket be 4.900 CZK.


 Conference Manager: Ing. Irena Šlajerová, Ph.D. E: T: 724 689 498

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